Why one Kenosha girl is writing a letter to Michelle Obama on behalf of every child in Wisconsin — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you Gerry and Peggy for putting this together and sharing Claire’s message. We are honored to represent CHW and the many families you serve each and every day. Not a day goes by that Claire doesn’t remember “all the children at the children’s hospital” in her prayers. And it’s those prayers that we will take to Washington tomorrow to put into action! We’re grateful for this opportunity to be the voice of so many whose voices are so very small. – The Bevec family

  2. Great job, Claire! We appreciate you and the job you are doing for all families. Good luck in Washington!

  3. Hi Claire – thanks for going to Washington and speaking for kids everywhere. You have a really special message to share and I loved watching your video, especialy about your love of horses. I really hope Mrs. Obama comes to Wisconsin to meet you and attend the dinner!

  4. Love you Claire! Been thinking about you in Washington. I’m with you in Spirit!! XOXOX