Prom night at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Prom night at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

An Evening with the Stars was much more than just prom night at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. As a Teen Advisory Council member for Children’s, prom was about being able to give back to the community.

Seeing the patients of Children’s smile and laugh is something words can never describe. The thought that something we do could make such a large impact on the community is an incredible feeling.

2012 Prom Pose

Teen Advisory Council members Sam Watson (left) and Nick Zausch (right), and oncology patient Conner Lee (middle) flex their muscles.

The night represented all the hard work and dedication the Teen Advisory Council put into the event. It expressed the love and care we have for the community — especially our peers staying at Children’s.

We may not have come together under the best circumstances, but we came together to have fun, enjoy the night and make the best out of what we have been given. The night was meant to make their stay at Children’s a little brighter and give them positive memories when they remember their experiences at Children’s.

Prom is a night we all can shine as a community. Thank you to everyone who donated their time, talent and support.

~ Natalie Jablonski, guest blogger

Children’s Hospital’s Teen Advisory Council consists of current or former patients ages 14 to 18. They helped employees and community members coordinate and plan for an Evening with the Stars — our third annual prom for teen patients.

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