It was nearly three years ago, but I still remember the day. Our pediatrician’s nurse called to tell me that Mary, my oldest daughter, had scoliosis. I remember feeling scared and very emotional. I actually was in tears at one point. It was hard to imagine what the future might hold.

Fast forward to 2012, and I realize that call was the beginning of a rollercoaster ride. Now I really don’t like rollercoasters, but thanks to the specialists at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the ride actually has been OK. As a family, we’ve learned to handle the ups and downs.

I don’t specifically remember talking to Mary that day. It’s probably because she took the news way better than me. I have come to learn something very important about my daughter. She is one smart, strong young lady. She knows that scoliosis is treatable and realizes that with help from a great group of medical professionals, this rollercoaster ride isn’t so scary.

I encourage you to watch my video below to learn more about how our family has helped Mary manage scoliosis.

I think it helps to hear from other families too. You can watch videos of other parents whose kids have been diagnosed with scoliosis. If you have advice, I hope you’ll share it.

~ Kathi Carr, guest blogger

The Scoliosis Program at Children’s Hospital provides specialized care for kids with scoliosis, offering the only multidisciplinary program in Milwaukee and Wisconsin just for kids.

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