Teenagers beware: The perils of tanning — 5 Comments

  1. Excellent posting, Katie. We all need to pay more attention to our bad habits!

  2. Great comments Katie. I used to use tanning beds too. But there are so many other great products available, that do not cause damage like a bed, that should eliminate the use of tanning beds.

  3. Thanks Ladies. Very true Kerri, using spray tans and self tanners can greatly diminish the risks associated with sun tanning while still allowing a person to have the aesthetically pleasing effects of having a tan.

  4. It is frightening that a) skin cancer is developing so quickly and affecting people that are so young; and b) people are ignoring the risks and still using sun beds. When there are so many safe and harmless alternatives, such as spray tans and lotions, why won’t people just steer clear of them?

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