Finding a match: Why bone marrow donors are so important — 5 Comments

  1. Dear David Margolis M.D., 6/26/12
    I watched GMA today and saw the story about Jake needing a bone marrow transplant. I am a US citizen, Irish, and I have a feeling that I am a perfect match for Jake. My family lives in County Roscommon, Ireland (Athlone). I am not a registered bone marrow donor as of yet, but I am going to register today. Please contact me regarding this matter@the above e-mail address.
    Ann Marie

  2. I saw the wonderful story about donating Bone Morrow on Good Morning America. As a mother who had a child at Children’s, I couldn’t get this off my mind all day. Sadly, I went to register at Be The Match and was prompted to pay a $100 registration fee…is there any other way to get on the registry and donate without paying the costs. I simply can’t afford the money but hate to think that will stop me from this process…

  3. Thank-you for the information. With how big of a demand there seems to be for more donors I guess I didn’t consider the costs of the process. Financially it’s an obstacle at the moment…however as soon as I have some extra money, I will still gladly sign up!! 🙂