Callan is the 2012 Herma Heart Center Hero.

At 1-month-old, Callan was diagnosed with pulmonary atresia, a congenital heart condition that makes it difficult for blood to flow to the lungs. His doctors in Madison gave him a dismal prognosis, but his parents refused to give up hope. They reached out to the Herma Heart Center team at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee as a last resort for treatment options that might save Callan’s life.

Within a few hours, Callan was rushed to the Herma Heart Center, where physicians recommended a series of three open-heart surgeries. The surgeries took place over several months, and Callan had his ups and downs. The treatment he received at Children’s gave his family hope and helped Callan keep fighting.

Slowly, Callan began to improve. He worked hard to gain strength and perform simple functions like holding his head up and walking. Today, he is a lively 10 year old and continues to beat the odds. He is in the fourth grade and is able to walk. He even runs a little. Callan and his family are grateful to the entire team at Children’s who studied all treatment options and never gave up on him. Callan’s story is an inspiration to all families with children born with congenital heart conditions fighting to survive.

Push. Pull. Pedal.

Please help support Children’s Hospital Wisconsin and the Herma Heart Center by signing up for Push Pull Pedal on Saturday, June 9. Bring your wagons, skates, scooters and bikes and participate in a five-mile or one-mile course. It’s fun for all ages.

Visit the Push Pull Pedal website to learn more.

~ Keri Brunelle, Push Pull Pedal manager, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Foundation


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