Due to the many wondrous talents and skills by Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin physicians and nurses, I am alive today, and I will continue to live day after day after day. I have not been to every clinic and specialist (knock on wood, please), but I’ve been to quite a few over the last almost seventeen years of my life. From orthopedics to ENT to pulmonary functions to the Herma Heart Center, I’ve been down many hallways in the hospital.

What is especially promising and a relief to know is that my cardiologist, Dr. Earing, not only takes care of kids, but also has an adult clinic. This guarantees a knowledgeable cardiologist as I reach the age when I can no longer attend Children’s—since I will no longer be a child. Not only does Dr. Earring have an adult clinic, but he also specializes in Marfans Syndrome as well as related diseases such as Loeys-Dietz Syndrome, which I have.

I know that as I approach these crazy times—of where will I be attending college, what scholarships I can obtain, where I will be residing—there are doctors at Children’s that have my best interest at heart and will make sure that I am cared for as I enter my adulthood by finding and recommending doctors in the area of wherever I choose to continue my education. I have grown attached to this hospital, as well as all the people in it. I will be sad to see it go.

I am grateful that I have not only had the opportunity to meet such wonderful, helpful and caring people and staff members, but that I had the opportunity at life. Without Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, my life would be incomplete. I would not be here to be able to share my story and give the due praises for this facility that has literally saved me

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The Dave & Carole Miracle Marathon is a 36 hour radiothon benefitting the many programs at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Listen to me and my mother tell our story during the radiothon on Thursday, May 24.

Maureen Jurgens~ Maureen Jurgens, guest blogger

Maureen will complete her junior year at Dominican High School later this month. Read more of Maureen’s story from her mother’s perspective.



How Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin saved my life — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Mo — I’ve set my alarm for May 24! Very nice essay. Enjoy your final weeks of school!

  2. Dear Maureen:
    You are amazing in so many ways. Thank you for this sharing. A very well written essay. You have so many talents. I always love to see you in the plays. You are a gift to Dominican High School.
    Keep on keeping on!