Julie, Morgan, McKenna and Kenneth Perkins

Julie, Morgan, McKenna and Kenneth Perkins

When you are expecting a baby, there are so many emotions that go along with the joyous occasion. From the start, you are asked if the baby is a boy or a girl, but all you really are hoping and praying for is a healthy baby. We experienced some challenges when our oldest daughter was born seven years ago. My pregnancy was uneventful until delivery. Morgan was born weighing less than 4 pounds at full term, and our dreams shattered. We were scared for our daughter and what her future would hold.

Family friends referred Dr. Robert Rohloff to us, and I thank our lucky stars every day that he accepted our family into his practice. When he saw our daughter for the first time, she was so fragile, delicate and small. But when he examined her, he had such a gentle, fatherly touch and a bedside manner that put us at ease. Dr. Rohloff has kept a very close eye on Morgan. He was concerned about weight gain, nutrition and her physical development. He took into consideration signs and symptoms and sought out the appropriate referrals.

Morgan is special, as all children are. With Dr. Rohloff’s help, we discovered how special she really is. Morgan was diagnosed with rare genetic condition that affects only 200 people worldwide. Despite her numerous health conditions, Dr. Rohloff has always been there to lend an ear and a hand with anything we need. Without his time, knowledge and compassion, our daughter would not be where she is today!

Dr. Rohloff is the backbone of Morgan’s medical care. He stays on top of all of her appointments with the specialists and makes sure nothing is missed in her care. He is always accessible when needed and goes above and beyond to make sure that all our questions are answered. He has stayed late at the clinic to fit us in when something was wrong and often calls us at home to discuss an issue personally.

He truly cares about Morgan as well as our family as a whole. That is so important when dealing with a family that has a child with special needs. I will forever be indebted to Dr. Rohloff for taking such great care of both my girls!

I’m not at all surprised Dr. Rohloff has received the Physician Citizen of the Year Award from the Wisconsin Medical Society. It’s a special recognition and a well-deserved award!

~ Julie Perkins, guest blogger

The Physician Citizen of the Year Award recognizes doctors who have volunteered their time and talents to improve their communities and the state of Wisconsin through civic, cultural, economic and charitable services. Dr. Rohloff is a pediatrician at Southwest Pediatrics in New Berlin, Wis. He was honored for his efforts to institute a more family-centered approach to patient care by incorporating primary care and chronic condition management. Providers at Southwest Pediatrics currently see about 2,500 children and youth with special health care needs who have chronic conditions like allergies, asthma, ADHD and autism.

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