DNA Day 2012Did you know that Friday, April 20, is National DNA Day? It’s a day to celebrate many accomplishments including the successful completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 and the discovery of the DNA double helix structure in 1953. These important discoveries gave scientists and doctors the ability to better understand genetics’ role in human health. The more we learn about genetics, the more potential we have for understanding, treating and curing human disease.

In honor of DNA day, families can learn about genetics and gain practical insights into their health history. Here are some fun and educational activities that parents and kids can do together:

Be sure to also check out these additional educational resources.

Jeff Kopesky, MS, CGC~ Jeff Kopesky, MS, CGC, genetics associate, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

The Genetics Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is a program for children and adults with concerns about genetic disorders, birth defects and related issues.


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  1. I can certainly see why you are proud. This is important work and Jeff is contriubting to something that will only help lots of people in the future-even now others benefit for what he does. Keep you flags flying. This is vital to so many!

  2. Glad to have these advances and the ERT (enzyme replacement) infusion to help some of the multi-systemic affects of MPS I (a lysosomal disorder caused by missing or deficient enzyme.)through CHW. Genetics is everywhere in our lives!