Children's Advocacy NetworkAs a member of the Children’s Advocacy Network (C.A.N.), I stay up-to-date on important issues related to child and family health. The network provides easy access to information related to local, state and federal public policy issues that affect children and families.

The true political process isn’t exactly what we see and hear in the media. Each of us has a voice and I believe an obligation to advocate for what is best for children. Without advocates, child safety seats would not have become law; we may not have a statewide smoking ban; access and coverage for health care for low-income children and families could have been scaled back. The voices of advocates are being heard and we are making a difference for children.

Contacting an elected official is nothing to fear or be intimidated about. C.A.N. provides basic information about the political process and suggests simple ways we can each use our voices to make sure children’s needs are heard. A few letters or phone calls is enough to let an elected official know how constituents feel about an impending issue, and that can really make a difference in the lives of children.

The kids are counting on us. I urge you to consider becoming an advocate and speak up for the children of Wisconsin. Visit to learn more about the Children’s Advocacy Network.

~ Laura Kerecman, manager, Children’s Community Health Plan
Laura Kerecman


Why you need to speak up for the children of Wisconsin — 1 Comment

  1. Jessie Rees had a mission to spread hope, love and joy to all children dealing with CANCER! Many states are jumping in and spreading her message as she passed away on Jan 5th 2012. Please consider bringing WISCONSIN into the fold! Please do what you can to share her message! We WILL NEVER.EVER.GIVE.UP! NEGU!

    Kim Clark