Dr. Thakar connects with a seventh grade class via Skype.

Dr. Thakar connects with a seventh grade class via Skype.

Recently, with the help of Skype, I met Gloria Roschke and her seventh grade class from the Milwaukee Academy of Science. The students attending this magnet school are on a path to pursue higher education in the field of science. As a class project, they were learning about childhood diseases and asked if I would speak to them as a pediatric oncologist at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

I was impressed by their questions, from “What is the most common cancer in kids?” to “What is chemotherapy and does it hurt?” These students were clearly motivated and energized to learn. Two students even performed a rap they wrote about Children’s, which was a highlight of the session. It was great to see the energy and enthusiasm they had for learning about medicine.

To top it off, the students presented me with a check for several hundred dollars for pediatric cancer research at Children’s. They had raised the money the last few months by organizing bake sales and penny drives. It was a wonderful gift for me to see the students caring so much for a cause so dear to my own heart – fighting childhood cancer.

As a physician, this opportunity to connect with students and bring the classroom into the hospital was an important reminder to me of the impact Children’s has on our community. We treat patients and conduct research for the betterment of children, but we also educate the community and inspire young minds.

Monica Thakar, MD~ Monica Thakar, MD, pediatric oncologist, Blood and Marrow Transplant, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

The MACC Fund Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is among the most experienced and largest specializing in treating children of all ages with cancer and blood disorders. Located near key resources and related disciplines, the center provides the most efficient, personalized and comprehensive care in the area.

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