Teen imaging at Children's Hospital of WisconsinI am a radiologist and a mother of three. Over the years I have been asked, “Does a teen belong at a children’s hospital?”  My answer is always yes. Not only because of the training we receive as pediatric radiologists, but also because of the special care, gentle imaging and teen focus that pediatric hospitals offer.

Your teenager may look like a young adult, but his or her illness or injury and medical care requires the highly specialized care of a doctor who works with teens.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin offers many advantages for adolescent care. The technologists, nurses and physicians specialize in the unique needs of teens. The family is encouraged to remain with their teen during the diagnostic procedure. The imaging area is considered a no-pain zone, and numbing medicine typically is used for IVs and other procedures. The staff treats teen patients with kindness and respect, understanding that a procedure can be scary for them.

Probably the most important difference between facilities is the typically lower radiation dose used for exams in a pediatric hospital. Because we are experts in pediatric and adolescent care, we are able to provide a radiation dose appropriate for the size of your teen. In addition, extra lead shields are used for CT scans and X-rays. When teenagers undergo these scans Children’s, only one set of images or data typically is needed. This helps reduce radiation exposure.

It is important to know that children’s hospitals use pediatric anesthesiologists for sedation during complicated or painful diagnostic procedures. We have more than 35 board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists, most of whom are multiple-board certified in areas such as pediatric medicine and critical care. Our team is one of the best pediatric anesthesia departments in the Midwest, and your teenager will be in safe hands during a procedure at our hospital.

We can book appointments before school and after school, or on school holidays. Just ask — we will schedule around your family’s needs.

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Sheila G. Moore, MD, FACR~ Sheila G. Moore, MD, FACR,  pediatric radiologist, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Dr. Moore is a pediatric radiologist in the Imaging Department at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, one of the nation’s leading imaging programs for children.

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