Heart awareness monthFebruary is heart awareness month, and it’s a great time to increase awareness of cardiac emergencies in schools and homes. Knowing the causes and warning signs of cardiac arrest and the importance of calling 911 during these emergencies are useful messages for parents, teachers and students.

It’s recommend to have an emergency plan in place and know where the automated external defibrillator (AED) is located, if available. Having a plan and discussing it with others can help save a life in an actual emergency.

I encourage you to watch the Project ADAM video. Learn about the causes and warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest such as fainting during exercise, dizziness, excessive sweating or shortness of breath. The video also provides important information about CPR and AED training.

If you are an educator or school nurse, don’t forget to utilize newsletters, emails, bulletin boards and faculty meetings to spread these messages. For additional education ideas, sign up for the Project ADAM’s e-newsletter or check out the websites below.

~ Debra Klich, Project ADAM administrator, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Project ADAM (Automated Defibrillators in Adam’s Memory) is a not-for-profit program of Herma Heart Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The mission of the program is to serve children and adolescents through education and deployment of life-saving programs that help prevent sudden cardiac arrest.

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