Top 10Our blog continues to be an important tool we use to stay in touch with patients, families, advocates, donors and community partners across Wisconsin and the country. This year was no exception.

To help showcase some of this year’s best blog posts, we put together the following list that ranks the 10 blog posts published in 2011 with the most views.

1. Updated car/booster seat recommendations – make sure your child is riding safely by Lisa Klindt Simpson, coordinator, Safe Kids Southeast Wisconsin.

2. Child Life team picks the 25 best toys of 2011 by Eileen Clark, MSM, CCLS, manager, Family Services.

3. The top 3 reasons you should volunteer at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin by Eileen Clark, MSM, CCLS, manager, Family Services.

4. Mason’s story is a story we should never forget by Jennifer Hammel, director, Child Abuse Prevention Fund.

5. Why I love working at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin-Fox Valley by Amy Evers, BSN, CPN, RN.

6. Let’s celebrate National Adoption Day! by Andrea Rivera de Vega, recruitment specialist, Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin.

7. Why Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is going purple for prematurity awareness by Melissa Hages, March of Dimes NICU Family Support specialist.

8. Meet me at the starting line by Rainer Gedeit, MD, program director, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

9. There’s no stopping Sofi by Rainer Gedeit, MD,  program director, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

10. I’m 18 Now! by Darcia Behrens, LCSW, supervisor/clinician, Family Services.

On behalf of everyone at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, thank you for reading and commenting on our blog in 2011. We are looking forward to a busy year in 2012, so I encourage you to subscribe to our blog via RSS to stay up to date on all our posts.

~ Julie Pedretti, director of public relations and marketing, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin


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