The Child Life team at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin provides a supportive environment that allows children and adolescents to cope with their hospital stays. It can be stressful. That’s why play is an important aspect. Play provides a sense of familiarity and helps normalize their experience.

Despite electronic advances and having less social face-to-face time, children are still fascinated by bright colors, silly games and using their imagination. That’s why it’s our pleasure to present our team’s Top 25 Best Toys of 2011.

Create cuddle time

1. Fisher-Price Little Buttons Mobile
2. Pillow Pets
3. Taggies plush toys

Engage activity and dance

4. Fisher Price Stand ‘n Play Ramp Way
5. Fisher-Price Disney’s Dance Star Mickey
6. Hot Wheels
7. Mattel Loopz Electronic Memory Game
8. Mattel Sing-a–ma-jigs
9. Nerf toys
10. Radio controlled cars
11. Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo
12. Toddler sized push and pull toys (poppers, strollers, grocery carts)
13. Xbox Kinect


14. Blokus Classic game
15. Lego board games
16. Uno card game

Imaginative and creative play

17. Crayola  Model Magic
18. Crayola No-drip Paint Brush Pens (with items to paint  such as jewelry boxes, frames, etc.)
19. Legos
20. Play-Doh
21. Scrapbook paper and colored pens

Support growth and development

22. Fisher-Price iXL Learning System
23. iball3
24. Puzzles
25. Scrabble Flash Cubes

When considering any toy, be sure to look at the recommended age for the toy and always remember that safety comes first. Also, if you personally enjoy the toy, you are more likely to get your child engaged in the activity. And finally, remember that no toy can compete with the greatest of all gifts – time with family!

Post a comment and let us know what other toys you think should be on the list.

Eileen Clark, MSM, CCLS~ Eileen Clark, MSM, CCLS, manager, Family Services, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

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