“All I did was turn my back for a moment, and the next thing I knew, my child was burned!” This is a phrase the staff in the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Burn Program hears all too often. And really, that’s all the time it takes for a child to get burned.


With the weather getting cold and people trying to stay warm, I would like to remind parents to keep hot items out of the reach of children. Also, put a gate in front of your fireplace and do not let children play around fire pits.

I encourage you to read Shanie’s story to learn how something as simple as a bowl of soup can cause second- and third-degree burns on a child.

Remember, a few seconds of prevention can go a long way.

Barb Riordan, BSN, RN~ Barb Riordan, BSN, RN, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

The Burn Clinic at Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive care for children with any kind of burn, including those caused by flames, scalds, electricity, chemicals or friction. Each year, Children’s Hospital cares for more than 100 inpatients with serious burns and more than 700 outpatients.

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