Just five seconds could save your child’s life. That’s how long it takes to walk around your car to check for children before starting the engine. In a rush to get to the store before it closes or in a frenzy to get to the airport before your flight leaves, the focus often is about what is in the car. With young children playing in the driveway or around the neighborhood, the focus should be on what is around the car.

In 2007, an estimated 5,000 kids were injured and more than 200 children died because they were hit by a vehicle in a driveway or parking area. These injuries and deaths are preventable because many were a result of drivers not seeing children near the vehicle. Before driving, you should always walk all the way around your parked vehicle to make sure no children are under or behind it.

For more “Spot the Tot” tips, check out these resources. I also recommend viewing the following video.

Let’s work together toward safety! Parents, post a comment below and share how you keep your children safe around cars.

~ Lisa Klindt Simpson, coordinator, Safe Kids Southeast Wisconsin

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