Do you like pizza? Do you like fire trucks? If you answered yes, your family should participate in Delivering Fire Prevention.

It’s happening Thursday evening, Oct. 20, in communities across southeast Wisconsin. If you order a pizza for delivery and have children age 14 and younger, you may be chosen to have your community’s fire department deliver your pizza – in a fire truck with lights flashing and horns blaring!

How Delivering Fire Prevention works

Safe Kids Southeast Wisconsin, State Farm, fire departments and pizza restaurants are teaming up to encourage families to make sure their smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are working. As part of this effort, fire fighters and Safe Kids Southeast Wisconsin volunteers will ask to check your alarms to make sure they’re working. If they are, you get one free pizza donated from the participating restaurant or in some cases by the fire department. All families will receive fire prevention information.

In the United States, a house fire occurs every 76 seconds. More than 450 children ages 14 and younger die from fire and burn injuries each year, not to mention the countless injuries that occur. The tragic fatal house fire in Milwaukee last week brings these statistics closer to home.

Prevention can make a difference in saving the lives of children and their families. Check to make sure your alarms are working and follow these prevention tips to keep your family safe.

If you live in the Port Washington, Wis., area and order a pizza from Pizza Hut, I just may see you as I’ll be riding along with that department!

Have a safe day!

~ Lisa Klindt Simpson, coordinator, Safe Kids Southeast Wisconsin

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