As parents, we want our children to always succeed. However, we also know that children need to learn from their mistakes or failures. When a child knows that they are loved and supported by their parents, even mistakes and failures can be seen as part of life. Knowing that even you have made mistakes is a great help for them to accept their own mistakes. Share your own stories (we all have them) with your children and show them how you handled it and what you learned.

With encouragement, your child can try new activities, learn new skills and form new friendships. Sometimes the results are successful, sometimes not. Whatever the outcome, your child will learn that success is not as important as trying.

You can support your children by:

  • Loving them unconditionally.
  • Letting them know you trust, love and respect them, even though they may not always do as you would like them to do.
  • Giving them opportunities to make good decisions and build confidence.
  • Helping them own the consequences of their mistakes.
  • Accepting them as unique individuals with their own ideas and desires.
  • Being positive when offering suggestions.
  • Helping them recognize they are responsible for their happiness and success.

Parents, what do you think? Post a comment and share how you support your children and help them deal with mistakes or failures.

~ Jo Camarata, Manager, Family Services, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

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