Greetings from the “frozen tundra.” OK, it’s not Lambeau Field exactly, but on a clear day we can almost see the tops of the stadium lights from Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin-Fox Valley. I chose to settle in this community because it’s a wonderful place to raise a family. The bonus is that it’s also a place where I can make a real difference practicing medicine in a very flexible and creative environment.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin-Fox Valley offers sophisticated neonatal intensive care and clinical subspecialty services. We also have a unique community-based mental health center in the bordering town of Menasha, where I work. I am extremely proud of our services at the Fox Valley Children’s Mental Health Center. There is a clear shortage of child psychiatrists in the country. There are 6,000 when we need 36,000.

Since our clinic opened in January 2009, we have received close to 4,000 referrals. Most of these kids are covered under Wisconsin Medicaid and are not able to get care anywhere else due to coverage limitations. But our clinic is a unique collaboration between Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin-Fox Valley and the two largest local health care organizations, which gives us flexibility for billing and referrals. In every other arena, these companies compete with each other. But in our clinic, they are partners.

Area residents, businesses and organizations also have given generously to support this clinic. This is a shining example of how a community can work together to do what’s best for its children, and I am very proud to be part of it.

~ Mark Rovick, DO, child and adolescent psychiatrist, Fox Valley Children’s Mental Health Center

Dr. Rovick recently received the Exemplary Psychiatrist Award from the National Alliance on Mental Illness. He was one of only 15 psychiatrists in the nation to receive this award in 2011.

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