Today marks the one year anniversary of a Smoke Free Wisconsin!

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has been supporting SmokeFree Wisconsin since the beginning. A big thanks to Children’s Hospital employees and our community advocates for helping get this law passed! We know a smoke free Wisconsin makes a positive difference for our kids.

And our advocacy efforts continue to make a difference! Governor Scott Walker issued the following statement on the upcoming anniversary of the state’s smoking ban. “Although I did not support the original smoking ban, after listening to people across the state, it is clear to me that it works. Therefore I will not support a repeal.”

In addition, results of a recent survey conducted on behalf of Smokefree Wisconsin, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and American Lung Association prove that Wisconsin’s smoke-free law is a big hit with Wisconsin voters!

The results of the survey proved Wisconsin’s smoke-free law is a big hit. Voters are deeply concerned about secondhand smoke, and they report that the smoke-free law has led to a more enjoyable, healthier experience when going out to restaurants and bars. The bottom line is that a wide, bi-partisan coalition of voters endorses the current law and opposes efforts to weaken the law.

Visit the Children’s Advocacy Network to see the survey results.

~ Michelle Mettner, vice president, Government Relations, Children’s Hospital and Health System

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