The Baldwin family visited the Lincoln Memorial this morning.

The Baldwin family of Milwaukee is in Washington, D.C. and will meet with legislators on Tuesday, July 26, to discuss the importance of children’s health care issues.  In 2009, Jonathan Baldwin and his friends were the victims of an armed robbery. Jonathan was shot seven times and transported to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in critical condition.

Millions of children in the U.S. require special care at children’s hospitals to address their health challenges. The budget crisis of 2011 is real and requires serious action, but it must be done in a way that does not threaten long-term negative impact on the state of children’s health care by decreasing access to care and pediatric specialists.

The care Jonathan received in the hospital was life saving, but just as important was the care he received after he left. Click here to hear the family’s story.

~ Jennifer Mance, Community Relations and Public Policy Advocate

Visit the Children’s Hospital’s Family Advocacy Day website to learn more about this yearly event, held in Washington, D.C. Also, learn more about Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s own Child Advocacy Network (C.A.N.) and what you can do from here at home to help children at

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