A friend of mine was lamenting recently that the Green Bay Packers winning the Super Bowl should have united the entire state for at least 6 months. He was shocked by how quickly the euphoria faded.  It’s been such a volatile, eventful year that the streamers littering the field in Dallas, Texas seems like a distant memory. Since that joyous day when the Lombardi trophy was awarded, Wisconsin has become a state divided. Budget repair, recalls, recounts, petitions, protests are all words that have become part of our everyday vernacular. And even the most beloved football team in America couldn’t help us forget just how nasty things have been for those of us who live behind the cheddar curtain.

So, if the Packers can’t unite us, who can? The answer can be found in Isaiah 11:6 (and I will readily admit I had to look that up : ) “and a little child shall lead them.”

If there’s one thing I know about the people of this fine state, it’s that we take care of those in need. Especially our kids. Each and every year, for over 25 years, I watched in awe as hundreds of volunteers united to make the ‘KLH Christmas is for Kids party happen. Wisconsin ranks among the top states in the USA for volunteering. It’s just this simple; we know when it’s time to step up and make a difference. I’ve seen it time and time again. When an elderly neighbor needs help shoveling out after a storm, we help. It’s simply a matter of humanity. We have an innate ability to know when it’s time to step up.

This is that time. When it comes to our kids, it doesn’t matter if you’re a member of a Union or a Tea Party. Politics, race, color, creed, country of origin; none of that matters to a sick child. “And a little child shall lead them.” Those little children are what the Miracle Marathon is all about. It’s about understanding that, despite everything that’s going on around us, you have been given a tangible, legitimate, and meaningful opportunity to affect the future of a sweet, innocent child. Looking for something to bring us all together? How about the innocence, purity and unconditional love of a child?

And as you tune in to 96.5 WKLH and listen to the Miracle Marathon (May 26-27), keep this in mind: “There but for the grace of God (go I).”

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~ Dave Luczak, 96.5 WKLH

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