While snow and ice offer fun winter activities such as sledding and ice skating, many families prefer to stay inside. Fortunately, new family games are available to keep families moving during the cold months – and warm months – and on rainy days too!

Here are a few games for your kids to try:

  • Twister Hopscotch allows kids to design their own hopscotch patterns using durable, non-slip rings. The game is designed for one or more players, ages six and older.
  • IPlay Super Skipper features two telescoping, rotating poles that spin at different speeds. The Super Skipper is for one player, ages three and older.
  • Hyper Dash is an electronic target-tagging racecourse with fun electronic commands set to a timer. The game is designed for one to eight players, ages six and older.
  • DanceMaker is an electronic dance mat that encourages kids to step on light-up stars as they dance to one of three preprogrammed songs. DanceMaker is designed for one player, ages five and older.
  • Twister Moves lets kids use their Twister mats and follow the dance moves that DJ Ray and Diamond J call out. The game is for up to two players, ages eight and older.
  • Cosmic Catch is the ball that remembers your throws. When the ball calls out the commands, you have to toss it to a friend wearing the correctly colored wristband. This activity is for two to six players, ages seven and older.
  • Jump Dancer is a battery-operated skip rope toy that makes it possible for everyone to jump without having to hold the rope. It offers two speed settings and three time settings to allow kids to make up their own skipping and jumping games. Designed for children ages six and older.
  • Cranium Hullabaloo is a high-energy game that invites kids to bounce, twist, spin, high-five and dance to music and fun sounds, moving from game pad to pad. This game is for quick-thinkers, ages four and older.

These games allow families to interact while raising heart rates. Most of these games can push participants to moderate levels of physical activity. An increased heart rate, increased respiratory rate and sweating are excellent indicators of the level of physical activity exerted. Family games can be a great place to start physical activity or add variety to the routine.

Leave a comment! What are some games you use to get your family moving?

~ Stacy Stolzman, MPT, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

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