What does it take to keep a children’s hospital running during a storm like today’s? — 5 Comments

  1. And this is why we LOVE Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. They have the whatever it takes to keep the level of care as high as can be attitude!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Lisa – I can’t imagine being there today of all days, but I am sure the staff is doing everything they can to keep it operational and safe for the families!

  3. I love how this hospital works. I also love the we knew well ahead of time that the NEW kids orientation was cancelled so I didnt have to worry about driving.

  4. My daughter (19mos) was inpatient during this last storm. Even though staffing was short everyone made such an awesome effort to make sure we were all comfortable and had what we needed. You never would have known anything was different had there not been 2 feet of snow out there! Thanks Childrens you once again have gone above and beyond our expectations!