Currently, the temperature in Milwaukee is 26 degrees. It’s cloudy and winds are out of the west at 5 miles per hour. That means it’s time to bundle up. It also means it’s a good time to check your child’s car seat. Puffy winter coats do affect how snug a seatbelt or car seat harness straps fit someone:

  • It’s more difficult to maneuver.
  • The harness straps or seatbelt doesn’t fit as tight as usual.
  • A combination of layers of clothing, a heavy winter coat or snowsuit and a padded car seat also can lead to your child overheating.

What parents can do.

  • Try layering with fleece and a thinner winter coat over top. You also may try thin, more fitted jackets.
  • Just as we would not enjoy driving our vehicles in a snowsuit, babies and kids are not comfortable with too many layers, and do not need to be excessively bundled up.

Harness should fit snugly.

  • Rear facing seats- the harness height should be at or below the top of the child’s shoulder.
  • Forward facing seats – the harness height should be at or above the top of the child’s shoulder
  • Harness should fit snugly, parents should not be able to pinch any slack in the harness at the shoulder, only one finger should fit snugly between the shoulder and the harness.
  • The chest clip should always be at arm pit level.

Here’s hoping your children stay warm and safe. For more resources, click here.

~ Lisa Klindt Simpson, coordinator, Safe Kids Southeast Wisconsin


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