Have you driven past State Fair Park or Miller Park and noticed the billboard that says “Ordinary people needed to do extraordinary things?” Have you glanced at foster care fliers, table tents and posters in your local coffee shop, barber shop, school, college, place of worship and restaurant? Have you read the plea for more foster parents on a tray liner at McDonald’s, in Applebee’s when receiving your bill or at your place of business by participating in foster parent lunch and learn? If so, you have seen just some of Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin’s recruitment efforts.

In the past year, the foster care and adoption recruitment team has canvassed Milwaukee County in search of loving, qualified families that might consider being a foster or adoptive parent. In 2010, Children’s Service Society recruited a net gain of 170 foster homes. This number far outpaces any other recruitment year. Ever.

Some would ask, why are you doing this? It is because we are committed to helping children who are in need of a temporary place to stay. Most people don’t realize that there still remains a great need for foster parents in the community. Right now, in Milwaukee County, there are more than 2,200 kids in foster care. Our goal is to ensure all children have a safe place to call home while their biological family heals.

In 2011, our goal will remain the same, to continue to recruit foster homes. Look for our messages in your neighborhood. And if you have ever considered becoming a foster parent, call us. You could make a difference in the life of a child and a family.

~Laura Goba, Quality and Development Program Manager, Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin. 


If you would like to read more about foster care, visit “It takes a village.”

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