It’s a cliché that has its roots in the Bible. “Out of the mouths of babes,” we say (slightly misquoting). But it’s more than just “kids say the darndest things.” The cliché essentially means that somehow children, in their simplicity, display far more wisdom than their elders. Carole Caine and I experience it every single year when we host the WKLH ‘Miracle Marathon’ benefiting Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. And even though we consistently marvel at the strength and courage these little ones’ display, it still catches us off guard when, courtesy of a child, we realize that we need to reprioritize.

Let me give you an example; we called Children’s Hospital to ask what the Morning ‘KLH could do to help make it special for all those kids stuck in a hospital bed during the holidays. Honestly, we were thinking of toys, or video games, or visits with celebrities, or a thousand other things that don’t seem so important now. We were told that during the holiday season, all the kids want, all they ask for is for their family to be together.

That’s easier said than done. Imagine what it’s like to try and keep your family unified when you’re dealing with a sick child? There are expenses that no one in the world could possibly budget for. All those days of driving to and from the hospital, the gasoline, the meals which need to be eaten out, not to mention child care concerns for siblings and trying to meet the emotional needs of the rest of the family. And what if the Ronald McDonald House is full? Who pays for the hotel room if Mom or Dad needs to stay near the hospital?

Let’s get back to those very young, very wise patients. They are fully aware of all the daily struggles of Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, Grandmas, Grandpas, and more. They know how draining it is for the rest of their family to try to live their own lives yet tend to them. In some cases they may be too young to verbalize that concern, but they can ‘feel’ it. We are offering you a chance to make a difference. We are proud to announce, 96.5 WKLH & Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s Together for the Holidays.

Your cash donation to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin will provide amenities for patient families including gas cards, restaurant gift certificates, transportation vouchers and overnight accommodations. The campaign runs through Thursday, December 23th. And listen to 96.5 WKLH Thursday, December 16th, as we broadcast the Dave & Carole show live from the hospital from 5-10 a.m.

Visit to help the kids and their families and have a great holiday!

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