Concussion: New guidelines improve safety — 3 Comments

  1. I look forward to reading your article. I am a family physician, my interest in sports medicine has increased especially as my own children’s participation in sports has increased. I am often called upon to be “team physician” for sports injuries. My husband coaches pee wee football and I would like to provide the coaches with concussion management information. OUr high school athletes have the benefit of using IMPACT testing but this is not available to our younger athletes.

  2. I’m a nurse working in an elementary school so I see the new guidelines regularly in practice. My concern is that this has created a hypervigilance amongst parents/teachers not unlike what has happened in the peanut allergy awareness campaign. The restrictions are so many and applicable to such a variety of agenda, the parents/teachers are freaked out when their students with post concussion syndrome “appear to be tired…appear restless….appear to be having a bad day….that they immediately send this student to the nurse for evaluation to cover their backside. I think to an extent this is overkill and has created a panic like atmosphere with parents who are terrified with every little nuance post trauma correlating the event to the concussion….ie.. a student who sasses his parents is dismissed because this is a behaviour related to the concussion. I’m not saying we dismiss the new guidelines but it’s become the theater of the absurd in reality. Common sense has left the discussion and the guidelines appear to be driven in large part once again to liability issues.