Head lice: The itchy and scratchy show — 1 Comment

  1. I get the jitters just talking about it, but it has started to become an issue again in schools and summer camps. I understand the over reaction parents display because kids do tend not to be conscious about their behavior. Any time a child has a secret to tell, they bump heads. Just their typcial physical behavior places them in closer quarters than adults many times who have usually built an imaginary barrier around ourselves before we hit the age of 21. Some call it the “safe distance” unwritten rule.
    Thank you for your article. I heard the other night on the news, where they have a nightly segment commentated by a medical doctor, that if your child has a lice is not necessarily a sign of filth. That was interesting to learn, because most of us associate it with uncleanliness. Thank you for the article. I am learning more and more about it. I see now that although they originate from filth, by the time they spread the lice have likely attached themselves to children or others who don’t live in the same kind of conditions.