How Children’s Hospital helped my son lose weight and feel great — 9 Comments

  1. Way to go Gaige! I also commend your whole family Jacqui! I agree that it is often hard to see any flaws in our own children, especially when it comes to health and eating. It breaks my heart that sweet Gaige was getting teased as he truly has a heart of gold. Now, you are making the changes to give that sweet HEART a chance. Healthy eating habits take commitment, lifestyle changes and a whole family. I’m so impressed with your intiative and the changes and the progress you are all making. We loved Children’s Hospital when we were in WI and love that they offer so many programs to enhance our children’s lives and provide tools for us learning parents. Way to go! Thanks for sharing your story! You have motivated me to re-evaluate our own eating habits!;)

  2. Awesome job, Gaige and Family! You worked hard and you got results – that is what we all strive for when we want to change something. You are an inspiration to others:)

  3. Jacqui we have known each other for a long time and I’ve watched your ups and downs with Gaige. Watching your journey gives all of us hope who have children who struggle with weight for whatever the reason. Everyone is alright with kids with disabilities, but many just shun the kids with weight issues.
    GOOD JOB to you and to Gaige!!

  4. What an AMAZING parents with an amazing son! Thank you for aharing your story–I’m SO blessed to know and love you. I am SO proud of all of you! God Bless you–Christine

  5. Wow! I am SO impressed Gaige! What an awesome job! You must be SO proud of yourself. By your mom writing this article about all your hard work, I learned a whole lot about how I can make better food choice too! Thanks Gaige! Keep it up buddy!

  6. That is awesome! I didn’t know you guys had all this going on. How wonderful to work on this issue as a family and then to share your experience, I bet a lot of people were supported through your efforts. Keep up the good work!

  7. Great job Gaige, I could take some pointers from you!!! You have a great mom, I think the world of her and her courage for all she does!!!!!