Drew PhillipsDrew is a 23-year-old boy that has a severe neuromuscular disorder inherited from his mother, Jane. Cognitively, Drew is around 5 years old. His immunity is poor, his kidneys are weak and his gastrointestinal system has basically come to a stop. He has been in a long fight and has met many challenges with the help of his family and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Often times, Drew would be in the hospital for one to two week time periods at least once a month and treated for blood infections. At each stay over 23 years, he was been welcomed as if he were a family member. Everyone knows and loves Drew!

As Drew’s sister, it means so much to me to see the care and compassion at Children’s Hospital. Staff members greet my brother with a smile, a joke or a hug and work to meet his unique needs. My brother Drew is a fun guy to be around, laughing and talking about his best friend Goofy!

Recently, our mother passed away. She obviously was a staple in Drew’s life. She was a nurse at Children’s Hospital, she had the skills to work with Drew’s challenges. At the time of her death, Drew’s doctors and nurses attended the funeral to show their support for Drew and Jane. It meant so much to our family to have Children’s Hospital staff go above and beyond the care that is given within the hospital walls.

As a family, we cannot thank Children’s Hospital enough for the support and care we have received. When Drew is at Children’s Hospital, we can rest easy, knowing that Drew is being met with the utmost care and diligence. Without the dedication of staff in the Special Needs Program at Children’s Hospital, Drew would never have made it as far as he has today.

Every day that Drew is living is because of the care received at Children’s Hospital and the love of his family.

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~ Rebekah Phillips, sister of Drew, guest blogger


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