When it comes to healthy eating habits, not everyone makes the best choices every day. Sure, sneaking in an ice cream cone or fast food once in a while can’t hurt, but only if you remember to eat your vegetables, too.

Tomorrow, legislators are voting on important legislation that will make healthy eating habits easier for Wisconsin kids. The Farm to School program is a step in the right direction to reducing obesity and giving healthy options to our kids.

Why is this important and what does it do?

Farm-to-School programs provide locally grown food to schools. In addition to supporting local farmers, these programs get fresh fruits and vegetables to kids.

Eating fresh foods is important in the battle against the childhood obesity epidemic. In addition, eating healthy foods has been shown to increase academic performance.

We are of course excited about this legislation. As the program director for the NEW (Nutrition, Exercise and Weight Management) Kids™ Program at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, I see the impact when kids do not have healthy diets.

The vote is tomorrow – please help support legislation AB-746/SB-536 by e-mailing your legislator today.  
In addition to Children’s Hospital, this important legislation is supported by the American Heart Association, the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute and a statewide nutrition coalition, who helped pull the bill together.

Tell your legislators that you support healthy kids by asking them to support the Farm-to-School legislation!

-Brian M. Fidlin, PsyD, program director, NEW Kids Program, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

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