When I decided to become a nurse, supporting political positions never crossed my mind. Of course I have opinions! But publicly advocating for them never was a priority.

Recently, I finally found my voice.

I had the opportunity to participate in the Wisconsin’s Hospital Association’s Advocacy Day at the state capitol in Madison. What an enlightening experience! Our day consisted of fabulous speakers who gave us interesting perspectives on the state of health care reform and its impact on Wisconsin.

The highlight of the day was when we met one on one with our legislators. I had their undivided time all to myself! I also was able to share Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s Community Benefits report with them and ask for their support for dietitian licensure legislation in the state.

Being one voice in thousands is a very powerful and motivating experience. I hope you take the opportunity to use your voice and advocate for legislation that supports children in Wisconsin.

Get to know the issues that affect kids. An easy way to do it is to sign up for Children’s Advocacy Network, which sends you alerts about issues important to children.

I found my voice. By sharing it, I can contribute to our state and our future.

Find your voice too! Join Children’s Advocacy Network.

-Cynthia Frounfelker, clinical nutrition operations manager, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

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