We have an obsession in America, an obsession with reality…reality shows that is. We will spend hours discussing “The Situation,” the housewives from whatever county and countless other shows. The question is why? Why do we even care about these overpaid, overhyped and self-absorbed people? It truly is a cultural mystery.

What we should be concerned about is real reality. It is the daily lives of real people, complete with their ups and downs, their best days and their worst.

It’s been a tough year for a lot of families, and I’m not just talking about the economy. This year, I saw two families do something unimaginable. The reality for these families was that they were burying their children. Dave and I met these families through the Miracle Marathon. They were kind enough to allow us to hear their stories and the struggles that they were going through.

The reality this year was that their struggles ended.

I will never forget the faces of the family and friends of Luke and Guadalupe. It was heartbreaking, and the thought crossed my mind that this is the reality people should be obsessed with. These are the stories that people need to know.

I understand that watching people compete for a million dollars on some island is compelling and helps you escape from the daily grind, but where was the escape for Luke and Guadalupe’s parents? The answer is, there was none. They were at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin day after day and year after year. They fought, they hoped and they prayed, but the struggle proved to be too much.

We are headed into another spring and that means that another Miracle Marathon is just around the corner. It is very important for me to make everyone understand the importance of Children’s Hospital. So far, 13 million dollars has been raised, by you, for the hospital. Dave and I are hoping you will be generous again this year.

The reality is that this hospital is the hope that many families are searching for, and while the reality is that not all children can be saved, you can be sure that there is no place in the nation that will work harder.

Please support the cause. The future of many families (maybe even yours) depends on it.

Visit chw.org/miraclemarathon to share your Children’s Hospital story or start your own Miracle Marathon campaign here.

-Carole Caine, WKLH-FM 96.5

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