A headache turns into crisis — 1 Comment

  1. I plan to wholeheartedly support CHW again this year. While I have done it for over a decade and a half in various forms–change bandit, dropping off cash donations at some of the remotes, used some of the incentives, this year will be a whole lot different. I started when my first niece was born and her doctor, the aunt of Leo (Dr. Angelina Montemurro) sent my niece to CHW due to some concerns regarding her heart. She was lucky as it turned out to be something she grew out of so to speak. Countless times over the years I have thought about how lucky my nieces were.

    To visit the new addition to CHW when Leo was first diagnosed was something else. If you never have visited or have no reason to–do it for nothing else other than to visit the lobby area and see the facility. It is fabulous. Their prayer/meditation room is comforting and quiet.

    Leo the Lion, as his fan club calls him is a remarkable young man! He has the best support system ever and that includes CHW as Jen updates his prayer army she always includes the extra’s of the therapists and nurses and Doctor’s at CHW and how lovely they are to her as well – more importantly how they lovingly care for Leo.

    Thank you thank you thank you CHW! And everyone please support Dave and Carole. Even if you don’t listen to them every morning they are doing a wonderful service for CHW. It is one of the top ranked Children’s Hospital in the USA!!! Imagine that! Milwaukee and Wisconsin should be very proud! Show your pride and donate so that people like Leo and his family can continue to beat the odds and kick cancer to the curb!