Kohl's Healthy Kids:  It's Your Move is an exhibit at the Betty Brinn Children's Museum in Milwaukee.

It sounds simple, but talking to your kids about eating healthy works. A recent poll found that 82 percent of Milwaukee kids who talk with their families on a monthly basis about eating healthy eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water. Overall, they’re more likely to eat healthy foods. I recommend following the tips to help foster your child’s healthy habits today.

Serve a variety of healthy foods. Eating a variety of healthy foods helps us get the nutrients our bodies need. Take your child to the grocery store to see the number of fruits and vegetables available. I often let my daughter pick out one or two I normally wouldn’t buy. Together, we create healthy snacks with our choices.

Be a role model by eating healthy yourself. To encourage healthy eating in your child, eat well yourself. Have fruits and vegetables around the house. Limit portion sizes. Tell your kids when you feel full.

Involve kids in your family’s healthy lifestyle. Most kids like to help make decisions about what the family eats. Include your child in meal planning, grocery shopping and reviewing food labels. Have your child help prepare a meal. Talk about what you prepare and why it is healthy. By letting your child participate, you can help create a lifetime of healthy choices in your child.

Have your kids put their decision-making skills to the test at the Kohl’s Healthy Kids: It’s Your Move! exhibit at Betty Brinn Children’s Museum in Milwaukee. This awesome, new exhibit is a giant board game full of health-related activities and challenges your kids can complete.

One activity puts kids in the driver’s seat – literally. Sitting inside a car, they must order a meal from the drive through of a fast-food restaurant. Healthy choices are awarded by advancing on to the next challenge.

Kohl’s Healthy Kids: It’s Your Move! was developed in partnership with Children’s Hospital and Health System and brought to you by Kohl’s Department Stores. Learn more at bbcmkids.org.

-Colleen Schultz, education manager, Children’s Health Education Center

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