More than a home — 6 Comments

  1. This is really worth sharing! I wish more and more people will open their hearts to do this… having little is just enough when there is so much love and care. Let us be a blessing to the innocent children who deserve to have a bright future ahead!

  2. Some family friends of mine became foster parents to a new born baby three years ago. They had the opportunity to see their foster daughter grow and learn and mature before their eyes. They knew this child would make their family complete. The adoption process was hard and long but soon their foster child became their adopted daughter. It is touching to hear about adoptions and how many people around the world take an estranged child and give them a home and family.

  3. Well im kobi’s mom and, Im very happy hes in a loving family!
    -Lorraine luckett

  4. I believe Debbie is his mom. She is the one there at 3am. She is the one that has always been there. Honestly, I think it is a slap in her face stating anything BUT the fact that Debbie is his mom.