TLC for your brain: Wear a helmet — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for a great post Brian. It’s important for everyone to remember that as of now, there is no good scientific evidence that any specific brand of helmet is better than others at reducing the risk of concussion. Many companies are creating “concussion proof” or “concussion reducing” helmets, but don’t have evidence to back up those claims. The newer helmets are no worse than previous helmet models, but these helmets are significantly more expensive. While, I hope that research proves some of the newer actually do decrease concussion risks.

    In the meantime, it is important to follow Brian’s guidelines on helmet fit and use. It is also very important to remember proper technique when tackling (no spearing or leading with the head).

  2. Safety gears are a definite must when undertaking any type of sports. But as Kevin said, be aware that there’s no helmet that has been proven to be truly “concussion proof”. Don’t get ripped off paying triple for the “superior technology”.