Our state’s Legislature is considering legislation that can help save lives in our schools. Can you help us?

Assembly Bill 725 will require all schools in Wisconsin to offer enrolled high school students instruction in lifesaving skills.

In situations when an emergency happens, time is of the essence. Many lives can be saved because people at the scene of a cardiac emergency have the necessary tools to recognize and respond appropriately.

Cardiovascular diseases remain Wisconsin’s No. 1 killer, yet many lives can be saved if simple lifesaving procedures are initiated by lay rescuers. By providing simple instruction in the high school setting, our young adults will have an increased comfort level and the necessary tools to help save a life.

The American Heart Association and the American Red Cross also are working hard to promote this important legislation.

Please urge your legislators to support AB725 by e-mailing them today through our Children’s Advocacy Network.

You can help with just a click of the button and a short message to your state senator and representative. Why not take a moment to help?

-Michelle Mettner, vice president, Government Relations and Advocacy, Children’s Hospital and Health System

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Lifesaving instruction in schools: E-mail your legislator today! — 2 Comments

  1. I am a CPR Instructor and an RN and a School Board Member and while I believe wholeheartedly that Lifesaving skills are important I am concerned that making this mandatory for schools will create issues for schools. School days are extremely packed with many mandatory subjects, some which may impact the amount of funding schools receive (based on how successful students are).

    I would hate to add one more piece for teachers to have to accomplish. I would like to see legislatures work WITH school administrators to find a to accomplish this without making it mandatory.

  2. Sheryl, thank you for your input. We agree that school officials and teachers are very busy educating the kids in our community, and we applaud the work that they do every day.

    However, we’ve also seen the power that livesaving skills can have at crucial moments – for adults and kids. Keep in mind, this bill:

    • Does not require certification, minimum minutes or credit hour requirements.
      Does not require school boards to implement within a specified amount of time.
      Does require all schools to offer enrolled high school students instruction in lifesaving skills.
  3. School boards have the choice to develop simple and no cost programs (such as bringing in volunteers, having an assembly, etc.) or building a more comprehensive program that will provide their students with certification.