It’s a funny headline that invokes funny images – toddlers running down the halls of congress, infants putting on their best diapers to impress and teenagers texting about a critical vote.

It’s a funny image, because this could never happen. Children – from the youngest to the oldest – don’t get opportunities to speak up on issues that impact their lives. Think of the numerous laws that impact children – abuse, neglect, reimbursement or disability, to name just a few. Yet who do we rely on to make sure those affected are heard?

Advocacy efforts rely on the strength and action of volunteers who care about kids and want to make a difference. Children are not able to represent themselves on issues that directly impact their care. Children’s Hospital and Health System created Wisconsin’s Children’s Advocacy Network, or C.A.N., to help give children a voice. C.A.N. gives the people who want to advocate for children – grandparents, community members, employees, donors – the tools needed to advocate on behalf of children.

We’re excited about connecting you with the key issues that matter to kids by keeping you updated and showing you ways to contact your legislator.

Did you know?

  • It takes less than 10 individual letters to get an elected official’s attention on a particular issue.
  • State legislators say it takes only a handful of phone calls to get their attention.
  • On average, you need only five to eight legislators backing your issue to pass a bill out of a committee or defeat it.

Think of the difference a single phone call or letter really can make!

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-Michelle Mettner, vice president of Government Relations

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