How do you get everyone in a family exercising together regularly? Busy schedules, varying ages of family members and weather all can be barriers to getting enough physical activity for the day. Exercise needs to be easy to access and enjoyable for everyone in the family. One of the best ways to do this is dancing as a family.

It’s as simple as turning on the tunes and moving your body. Dancing improves balance and strengthens your muscles and bones. Getting your groove on increases confidence and energy levels, relieves stress, and helps you sleep better at night. Children love doing things as a family. They especially love seeing their parents acting silly.

The goal of a dancing session is to break a sweat, get your heart beating faster and lungs breathing faster so it is not as easy to talk. Dance moves can include shaking arms and legs, stepping in different directions, squatting up and down or whatever your family wants to create. Moving your body through these dance moves works all major muscle groups, improves posture, strength and stamina. No equipment or gym memberships are required, just some music, a space in your home and comfortable clothes to get funky in.

What are you waiting for? Get your family together, turn on the music and start dancing!

Your dance moves also could help Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin win $30,000. Upload a 30-second dance video clip of your family at

-Stacy Stolzman, MPT, physical therapist, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

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