Teens — too wired to sleep — 1 Comment

  1. Teens and caffeine is a serious subject today. Just ask hospital emergency rooms and poison control centers, both of which are seeing more and more teens with “caffeine intoxication.”

    One of the problems is that caffeine is in EVERYTHING! And no one knows just how much caffeine they consume daily. Food and drink manufacturers are adding the drug stimulant to all kinds of products — from energy drinks and cold medicines to potato chips, candy bars and even chewing gum. Why is caffeine an added ingredient to everything? The manufacturers know it’s addictive and they want repeat customers. It is teenagers who are the major consumers of popular caffeine-intense energy drinks.

    Ethic Soup blog has a number of well-researched, excellent articles on caffeine, including:

    One article on teens and caffeine, which discusses the most recent research on teens and caffeine is at: