What would you do with $114 million?

cbreportcoverYou could probably do a number of things with that much cash. Would you travel the world? Buy a new car? Pay off your house? Retire early?

Children’s Hospital and Health System knows what they’d do with $114 million – they’d invest it right back into the community.

The health system did just that last year – with the sole purpose of making the world a better place for children.

I’m proud to work for an organization where our mission is to improve the health status of children. If it makes a difference to the children in our community, we’ll do our best to fulfill that need.

We’ve just released our community benefits report for 2008. These benefits are programs and services that address our community’s identified health needs regardless of source or availability of payment. They provide measurable improvement in the health status of kids, and access to and use of health care resources.

We’ve chosen to share these benefits with our community through stories at chw.org/communitybenefits.

Think about it – $114 million dedicated to free dental care, car seat clinics, nutritional classes, workforce development, charity care and Medicaid shortfall, transportation services, research to find life-saving discoveries, preventative education and so much more.


We think you will agree this is money well spent.

–Paula Roberts, director, Community Relations and Advocacy

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