It takes a village

Tomorrow is a day to celebrate — National Adoption Day. It’s a day across the country when many children will be officially adopted into forever families. Here in Milwaukee, we will be finalizing a number of adoptions for children. If you’ve had the chance to take part in an adoption finalization, I can tell you it’s very personal and incredibly special. Not unlike the birth of a child or a wedding, it is a moment that changes the lives of children and their new families — forever.

Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin supports these amazing foster/adoptive parents and children. We’re proud that in 2008, we helped finalize more than 250 adoptions for our local children in need of a permanent home. A foster parent provides a temporary family and home for a child until he or she can be reunited safely with his or her biological family or placed in a permanent living situation. Children in need of foster and adoptive homes come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of needs. We are looking for diverse and nurturing foster and adoptive parents to meet those needs.

We realize that being a foster or adoptive parent isn’t for everyone. If you can’t commit to becoming a foster parent, you still can help the children of Milwaukee County.

Talk to your neighbors. Many people don’t understand the need for foster homes. Are there places you visit regularly where you can post information about the need for foster parents? We always need clothing, diapers, toiletries, suitcases and school supplies. Can you help us by hosting a collection drive? Or maybe you know someone who is a foster parent. Can you help them by providing back-up care, transportation or even making them dinner?

There are so many ways you can help the children of Milwaukee County. We are all responsible for the welfare of foster children living in our community. It truly does take a village. Please ask yourself what you can do to help.

To learn more about becoming a foster or an adoptive parent for a child in foster care, contact Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin at (414) 264-KIDS.

p.s. Check back here in the next few days for some National Adoption Day celebration highlights.

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