Children’s Hospital patient, physicians featured on “Mystery Diagnosis”

Next Monday, Aug. 24, Discovery Health Channel will air a “Mystery Diagnosis” episode about one of our patients. Claire Mantey was diagnosed here at Children’s with a rare condition called lymphangiomatosis. The film crew spent several days at our hospital last winter, interviewing our physicians and recreating how Claire was diagnosed. The program airs at 9 p.m. We hope you’ll tune in.

The segment chronicles the young girl’s lifelong struggles with chronic infections, high fevers, facial pain and swelling, and her visits to a number of physicians. Claire ultimately was diagnosed by a Children’s Hospital medical team that included Beth Drolet, MD, medical director of Dermatology and the Birthmarks and Vascular Anomalies Center; and Michael E. Kelly, MD, PhD, program director of MACC Fund Center. Drs. Drolet and Kelly also are faculty of the Medical College of Wisconsin.

What you might find of interest is that physicians from seemingly vastly different specialties (Dermatology and Cancer), working with pathologists and a team of additional experts, shared their knowledge about disease behavior and truly collaborated to make the diagnosis. That’s what often is so fascinating and rewarding about how medicine works.  It is clear that these collaborations more and more often are leading to research and discoveries, both in the lab and at the bedside, that are making a difference for kids.

We are glad to have been able to find a diagnosis for Claire, and perhaps through sharing her story we will be able to connect with more kids like her.

–Mike Gutzeit, MD, chief medical officer, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

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