Share your story, save a child through FM 106.1 Care-A-Van for Kids

This August will mark my 16th Care-A-Van for Kids benefiting the Child Abuse Prevention Fund. If you’re not familiar with this incredible annual event, you need to give a listen.

For two days, Thursday, Aug. 27, and Friday, Aug. 28, FM106 listeners who have been touched in some way by the vicious cycle of child abuse are motivated to tell their stories. Sometimes it’s a mom who takes on the extra challenge of fostering a child affected by shaken baby syndrome. We’ve also talked with young women who were pregnant as teens and decided to keep their babies even though they knew it would be an uphill climb. Programs funded by the CAP Fund helped them with their climb. The most emotional stories often come from those who were victims of abuse themselves as children.

Abuse survivors come from all backgrounds. Rich, poor, black and white. Coming from a healthy home environment, I can’t imagine what being abused would have felt like.
Somehow, these brave souls find the courage to come on our airwaves and share their stories with the FM106 family. Some share the horrors of sexual abuse, some physical and some emotional. It leaves a lasting toll on them and that’s why they are motivated to go on air. In the end, the reasoning is always the same. If they can help one child avoid the pain they went through as children, it’s all worth it.

Survivors find it very therapeutic to share their stories with our listeners. Our listeners, in turn, are usually moved enough to pick up the phone and make a pledge to the CAP Fund. Once in a while, that listener will be a victim of child abuse and it will motivate them to tell their story.

In the end, we’re all working together to stop the vicious cycle. If you feel the need to share your story, we’re here for you. Send an e-mail to If nothing else, tune into FM 106.1 Thursday, Aug. 27 and Friday, Aug. 28, and experience the CAP Fund Care-A-Van for kids to see what we’re all about. We couldn’t do it without you!

– Scott Dolphin, FM 106 Moo Crew Morning Show

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