Remember Lilie and smile

We would like to thank the Miracle Marathon and Dave and Carole for the opportunity to share our daughter’s story once again. Children’s Hospital always will be very special to us. Lilie meant so much to us and her short time here touched so many lives. We don’t always get to say her name and have her as part of our daily life. We cherish her so deeply.

We also wish to thank the staff at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for giving her the opportunity to touch our lives. Through their efforts, Lilie got a fighting chance. Lilie will never be forgotten. Her 30 days of life have changed us. We will never view life the same again. The level of care we received throughout Lilie’s life and death cannot be put into words. We witnessed so many things that confirmed what we already suspected. These doctors and nurses aren’t doing a job, they are answering a calling. They so easily crossed over from caregiver to comforter.

The impression that Children’s Hospital left with us was huge. That is why we loved being involved with the Miracle Marathon, which raised $1.3 million for all areas of the hospital. Even though the marathon is over, we still can encourage others to give to support this great hospital. It also allows us to give something back to the people who made Lilie’s time here a positive experience for all of us. We truly are blessed to have been at Children’s Hospital.  Remember Lilie and smile!

Listen to the Hartmanns’ interview on the Miracle Marathon.

Read the Hartmann family’s blog, 30 precious days, from May 19, 2009.


Remember Lilie and smile — 2 Comments

  1. The pleasure was all ours. We always feel so blessed to meet such wonderful people who are willing to tell their story. Lilie was a very special child and I will remember her always.

  2. Thank you Jules for sharing Lilie’s story…and thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder. I can’t believe how strong you are through all of this, and that you were consoling me. Your story has touched my heart and I will remember Lilie and smile. Thank you.