Miracle Marathon is here!

Starting today, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and 96.5 WKLH’s Dave & Carole kick off their annual 96-hour Miracle Marathon. It runs on air through Friday, May 22. Thanks to the commitment of the WKLH team, they have raised more than $11 million for Children’s Hospital since they began the event 11 years ago. Dave and Carole will be broadcasting live from our new west tower lobby – you will hear amazing and inspiring stories from many, many families and, most notably, from our courageous patients, the children we care for each and every day. You also will meet many of our dedicated physicians, nurses and staff

Please tune in for the next several days, and pledge your support to Children’s Hospital. It’s a pre-Memorial Day weekend tradition.

We will be tweeting updates throughout the Marathon on www.chw.org/twitter and posting photos, stories and updates on Facebook at www.chw.org/facebook.

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- Peggy Troy, president and CEO, Children’s Hospital and Health System
Peggy Troy 

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