30 precious days


Dave, Jules, Brodie (3 1/2) and Marlie (1 1/2).

Today we are writing a “guest blog” to share with you our story. Six years ago, we got a lesson on what true love and dedication really mean. With the arrival of our first daughter, Lilie, we experienced a true miracle. The staff at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin not only cared for Lilie, they cared for us as well. Some people will read this and say, “Of course, that’s their job.” I would strongly disagree. For many of the doctors and nurses, this is their calling.

The day of Lilie’s birth, our delivery room was full of anticipation and quite a group of people. Not only did all the staff in the room give Lilie their full attention, they gave us some room to welcome her into our world. My husband Dave got to talk to her while the staff stabilized her and got her breathing started. Before they left with her for the NICU, they brought her over to me and I got a chance to meet our little angel face-to-face. The strange thing was there were so many people in the room, yet it was just Lilie and me. I’m not certain if you have ever had one of those moments, but words can’t express how you feel. When I called her by name, her eyes opened briefly and her arm shot up, as if to say, “I’m here, Mom!” It is still hard not to smile and cry when I think about our little peanut.

Lilie struggled from the moment she was born, but she never gave up. And the staff at Children’s Hospital never gave up trying to help our daughter. She was a fighter! Lilie could not be held, so the nurses found other ways for us to touch our daughter and to let her know we loved her. This part of the country is so much the better for having a place like Children’s Hospital.

We’re going on the Miracle Marathon to do whatever we can to give back to Children’s Hospital. Please consider tuning in to hear just how much this hospital does for kids. Our debt to our doctors and nurses will never be paid completely. How do you put a price tag on 30 precious days with your daughter? If Lilie had been born anywhere else, we never would have had those days with our little angel. For that, we are eternally grateful! Thank you Children’s Hospital, you have no idea how much you mean to our family.

~ The Hartmann family, guest bloggers

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